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Our Approach

Here at Laouami, we have been helping people for a number of years and we use Wellbeing Therapies to ensure every client is treated individually and as a whole person. So we treat the Mind, Body and Emotional parts of a person to ensure balance .We have a practical approach to all our Wellbeing  therapies,so we can  combine treatments to suit your specific needs so we get the best outcome for our client.

We use natural therapies such as Homeopathy, Nutrition , Cognitive Therapy, Talking Therapy, plus so much more !


Here at Laouami we have the latest in Aura reading technology. You will recieve a full twenty three page personalised report which will help you see where your aura and chakras maybe out of balance. 

Jayne will talk you through how to balance the chackras and where you can improve your energy in the aura .

Jayne allows an hour per session to ensure that you receive a cleansing of the aura as well as a full understanding of your own aura and what it means.

Each session is £45 and you will recieve the aura by email so you can keep a copy yourself.


We all have our own colour of aura and each colour has different traits, there isnt a better colour to have as they all have posotives and negatives to them as do our personalities.

Heres an example of an aura picture.


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