Therapy for all 




We offer therapy for all, and this means we help everyone!

We do one on one therapy with a client to help them overcome a trauma or to make changes to their life, or help with a specific challenge.


We also offer child therapy where we help children and young adults deal with problems ranging from  trauma, abuse, and confidenve.


We also offer couples therapy this can be a marriage, a same sex couple or any couple in a relationship which need support. The areas we help with are broad and varied and we are open minded and accepting of all peoples life chioices. 


In our therapy sessions we offer a safe space to help clients overcome or resolve their issues, we dont judge , and we are respectful and discreet to ensure that the client feels comfortable.



I have a 5* rating on google reviews and on facebook , here is just a selection of what my clients say.






"I have been through multiple types of therapy and Jayne is by far the best, she takes time to get to know you rather than just "fix" you. Ive been with her since 2020 and I love our sessions. She is welcoming and her individual approach makes her unique"


Hannah in Essex



" I  would highly recommend Jayne at Laouami. I feel she has helped me so much in our sessions ans she is so easy to talk to , I feel completly at ease with her. I look forward to our sessions. Thnks so much jayne you are amazing!"


From Louise in Essex




" I was made to feel very comfortable, a lovely and posotive lady. Feeling pleased with how my session went. Highly recommend."


Leanne in Essex



" My partner and I visited Jayne and she welcomed us into her Happy Place in her coutyard, we drank tea and chatted and Jayne listened to what we wanted to aqchieve . She put our minds at ease and we had a lighthearted chat.about things. She gave us tasks to do as a couple and as individuals to help us move forward. We felt amazing agter our session"


From Lauren in Essex




" I found Jayne when I looked for a therapist for my 16 year old daughter. Within just one sessiom I saw a difference! My daughter feels comfortable with her and enjoys the sessions. I cant recommend jayne highly enough, shes and angel."


From Ruth in Essex


These sessions are informal and focussed on you. We talk about your life and how you want to accept or change the things in your life journey.

We are dedicated to helping you be the best version of yourself you can be.

We use talk therapy and other techniques to help you for example CBT , mindfulness. plus other therapies and techniques we have developled to ensure you live your best life.


These sessiona are intended as a safe place for all couples to come and heal their relationship or if necessary find a way forward separately which both people are comfortable with.

We believe everyone deserves to be in a loving respected relationship and we try to help clients come to their own life choices by offering a supportive but non judgenmental , neutral  environment in which to discuss their issues.

We help gay/straight/non binary couples ,there is no judgement on your choice of partner in life.


These sessions are created on an individual case by case to help children and young adults overcome a trauma . 

Or in some cases deal with challenges like self confidence, stress, anxiety or any other ngative emotion. 

Jayne uses art therapy among other therapies to help the child to open up and to communicate . 

We offer a safe place for the child to work through their challenges, making it light hearted and fun so they enjoy the sessions.

Call for more information:  +441268 987869