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Who are we?

We are a holistic one stop therapy company who believes in using natural and holistic therapies like Homeopathy, Nutrition, Reiki plus good old fashioned Listening therapy to help you change yourself and become the best you can be! We put the client at the centre of everything we do, you will meet Jayne our founder who will work through your challenges to build a bespoke programme for you. moving at your speed and supporting you along the way.

We also  offer Life Coaching, Couples Therapy and other Self Help therapies which compliment our Holistic Therapies. Our core belief is one of understanding and supporting each individual along their own pathway so they may enjoy a happy fulfilling life.




Jayne has had many challenges in her life , widowed at thirty three and in the same year of 2001  diagnosed with MS are just two of the many challenges Jayne faced.

From these experiences she realised that she had to change her lifestyle to more a holistic approach, so that her body could help itself to heal or at least be the best it could be.Jayne realised she had a choice in how her life would be lived.

Jayne made changes to her career, her marriage, and her general way of living in order to  have the life she wanted.A few years ago, she became a vegan and decided to train properly in wellness therapies. She strongly believes that a healthy mind produces a healthy body and a happy life.

Jayne now lives with her husband of many years and her two therapy dogs, and enjoys a balanced and fulfilling life helping other people overcome their own challenges so they can have the life they choose to enjoy.










Our wellbeing sessions help your body to return to a state of balance. We will tailor a personalised programme to help you achieve your specific goals. We use nutrition, homeopathy, plus reiki and other alternative therapies. We offer A NEW YOU IN 28 DAYS! 

programme which will kickstart your Wellbeing journey.Go to the shop to purchase.


Learn more about our treatments and how they can help you. Everything we offer is bespoke to you, ensuring that you experience something effective.


S H O P   H E R E

Here you will find our supplements, remedies and other products for your wellbeing.


“A Lovely, Relaxing Experience”

“My second reiki session with Jayne and once again a lovely, relaxing experience. I'd recommend her to anyone she's really good.”

“Feel Much More in Control”

“I have recently started visiting Laouami and can not recommend it enough. I have been emotionally low, stressed and suffering anxiety and was looking for something to rebalance me and help me through a difficult time. I’m working with Jayne using different therapies and feel much more in control and calmer than I have in a long while and look forward to getting the old me back.”

“Can Help You in Many Ways”

“First of all, you are greeted with a warm welcome by the lovely lady who takes her time and makes you feel safe and comfortable in her hands. she can help you in many ways from a wide range of Therapies .Trust me you will feel better after one of her Reiki sessions, I would recommend her to all my friends.”


About Laouami

Based in Basildon, Essex, the team at Laouami is here to offer wellbeing advice and support  for your mind and body. With holistic therapy and wellbeing advice  available throughout the local area, we have everything you need to be the best version of you. Our team provides Reiki session, Indian head massages, CBT, and more to help you cope with and overcome the challenges and stresses of life. Overcome anxiety, depression, and more with our sessions, all of which are completely bespoke to you. We offer a relaxed, comfortable environment at all times . Feel and look great by visiting our Basildon-based studio today!


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