Feel Good - Look Good


These sessions are for you to use art as a way to explore yourself and your emotions through the medium of art.

Its about having fun and with the guidance of Jayne using art to explore yourself and your feelings , emotions and thoughts.

Being in  a mindful state you can express and create at the same time, its not about being the best artist or painter its about having fun and learning to play with art as a way of self expression. 

Each month Jayne will create  different   exercises to help you have fun and express yourself through the medium of art. 

All materials are supplied ( at a small cost monthly) giving you the opportunity to try new mediums and explore which ones you can have the most fun with.

Below are some Images of my work as you can see they are energetic and colourful , I had fun whilst doing them and they evoke different feelings in me which is what art is all about!