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Reiki Healing Techniques in Basildon, Essex

Unearth the wonderful benefits of reiki treatments with our trained professionals. Here at Laouami, based in Basildon, Essex, our reiki masters offer amazing reiki healing options so that you can enhance your wellbeing and health. Drawing on a range of treatment options, we’re able to offer an array of solutions that help to improve your life.

Our Journey

The journey into Laouami Healing has been an enlightening one. Our Reiki masters are fully qualified after, completing their formal training in this area. We’ve also used crystals for more than 20 years to bring comfort to our clients. However, using them in conjunction with Reiki gives a much more intense experience. Our therapist is also qualified in Indian Head Massage and also in Beauty Facials.

More recently we have been using deep relaxation and hypnosis to help our clients with specific challenges they face in life. This has been very successful and popular as its a technique which brings great benefit in a short space of time. We also bring mindfulness and CBT techniques into our holistic healing. We are also good listeners and will be a sounding board for clients to offload and perhaps understand a situation.

We are above all kind and compassionate in all our healing practices helping the client to become the best version of themselves they can be.

Our Founder’s Experiences

Having been diagnosed with MS back in 2001, Jayne has had many testing experiences in her life. From this, she realised that she had to change her lifestyle to more a holistic approach, so that her body could help itself to heal; or at least be the best it could be. A few years ago, she became a vegan and decided to train properly in healing, using meditation techniques to help relax the mind as well as the body. She strongly believes that a strong mind produces a strong body.

The Next Step

So, after treating herself for a few years, although she does take prescribed medication, she takes much less and no longer requires a stick to walk. We can’t say her techniques are a cure, but they have helped her have a much better quality of life. Reiki doesn’t involve any touching or invasive methods, and Jayne now has a lovely space in her studio that is a perfect relaxing area for healing. By creating this oasis, we hope our clients will benefit from feeling relaxed and stronger of mind and body.Jayne also offers Indian Head massage and other holistic therapies.


Our Approach

Here at Laouami, we have been helping people  for a long time, we use Reiki , and also Indian head massage  with crystals to bring balance back to the client and help them maintain a happy life. As we are so down to Earth, we have a practical approach to all our healing therapies, and you can combine treatment to suit your specific needs.

You can also benefit from having a facial done as part of the session , we will do our best to accommodate all the client requests.

 We have as we say, “pure hearts”, which means we would not do harm or cause harm by using the gifts we have. We hope just to provide the client with a holistic and compassionate treatment.



                                                                                                                     Full Healing session  90 MINS £50

 In this session I will use reiki technique helping the body to heal itself . Wear comfortable clothing. There's no contact physically between us as the therapists work a few inches away from the body.As a  Reiki Master we use  this technique along with crystals to bring balance to the mind and body energies. We will tailor the sessions specifically to your needs to ensure maximum benefit. It Is a complimentary therapy 

I also may use other techniques like the deep relaxation to help with a specific  issue you may have.

I will also give you a gift to take away as a Thank You for coming to see me.

Therapy Hour 60MINS  £35

This is an hour of treatment usually a mindful hour or a talking therapy. Ill also use CBT to help you cope with your problem if suitable. 

This session is suitable for people coming on a weekly basis as it keeps the client focussed on their goals, whilst being affordable .

Get in touch with us, in Basildon, Essex, to find out more about our reiki healing and treatments.