Feel Good - Look Good

About Us

Laouami is the home of vegan-friendly skincare products, textile goods, and healing services. Designed with a lifetime’s love and care, Laouami takes the joy we find in creating the best possible designs and translates that into the right product for you and your loved ones. It is a service based on our love of creating quality products at affordable prices, all delivered with a holistic approach to everyday life.

Our Experience

Here at Laouami, we began imagining and designing textiles when we were young, and we cannot remember a time when we were not working on new designs; we now have more than 40 years’ experience in this field. Over the years, we have diversified into our own range of vegan-friendly botanical skincare products, designed to fit your individual needs.

Our Founder, Jayne

I entered this field when I was diagnosed with MS, and found that my condition was made worse by chemicals and animal products. I put my own experience of what works for my skin into every item, so I know from first-hand experience how well they can work on all types of skin, and for your overall health. My healing services cover both reiki and crystal healing, which work with the chakras of the body to realign your natural energy to increase wellbeing and improve your general health and feelings of positivity.

Get in touch with us, in Basildon, Essex, to discuss our reiki treatments and vegan-friendly products.